Lack of Timely High-Quality Information Inhibits First Response Performance. L2S2 SATIS Technology Keeps the United Kingdom Emergency Medical Team Informed.

mobile data/Wi-Fi and offline

audit - survey - registration - compliance


  • Used by the WHO United Kingdom Emergency Medical Team (UK-EMT)
  • Register and track patients, equipment and drugs
  • Scan barcodes and QR codes using device camera
  • Automatically synchronises with dashboard
  • GPS location stored with each scan
  • Real-time dashboard and map display
  • Links to EPR approved to hold personal data

Secure Private Cloud or field servers

  • Private Cloud hosted on internet and NHS N3
  • Instant availability
  • ISO 27001 accredited
  • NHS Digital IG Toolkit Level3 100%
  • Expert governance team
  • Scaleable to very large systems
  • Installable servers for self hosted systems
  • Resilient field servers for standalone field hospitals and first response

Love the simplicity

  • Download from App Store
  • Sign-up on mobile or browser
  • Create or join dashboards from QR code or email link
  • Customise dashboard in web browser
  • Define your own questions and responses
  • Export CSV data for external analysis
  • Link to Xenplate EPR


  • Show counts on real-time dashboard
  • Interactive map view shows locations where data was collected
  • Map pins show headline data
  • Set visual alerts to highlight events
  • Nest dashboards to drill-down to detail
  • Export CSV data for external analysis
  • Link to Xenplate EPR


  • Real-time dashboard
  • Configurable alerts
  • Customisable questions
  • Permisions controlled
  • Nested dashboards
  • EPR Integration
  • Gives ‘eyes’ to Command and Control providing real data on which to base decisions
  • Smart printing allows enhancement of paper based systems

International disaster

  • SATIS family products are used by the United Kingdom Emergency Medical Team
  • Low cost when Wi-Fi/3G/4G is available
  • Resilient standalone systems available when infrastructure is destroyed
  • Trained deployable first response team
  • Lead Agency for SimEx 2018 in Portsmouth and SimEx 2017 data capture
  • WADEM members

Accredited to standards

  • Two self-hosted ISO 27001 accredited facilities
  • BSI accredited ISO 27001:2013
  • NHS Digital IG Toolkit Level 3 100%
  • NHS Digital external audit compliance
  • BSI accredited ISO 9001:2009
  • BSI accredited ISO 13485:2013
  • BSI accredited CMDCAS

SATIS Tally is a standalone system that uses anonymous unique identifiers to register, track and triage patients (or anything). The results are displayed on a web hosted dashboard and map giving clear and immediate management information. A one-way link to the Xenplate Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system ties unique identifiers to identifiable records and populates the triage fields automatically. Xenplate allows mobile working, email, SMS and voice messaging, and through its API it provides a safe patient portal and sensor input capability. Xenplate is interfaced to primary and secondary care systems in the United Kingdom. L2S2 offers expert governance and NHS interfacing consultancy.