We are a private UK company based in Cambridge UK that specialises in the production of high performance mobile platforms and apps, targeted primarily at medicine, health and standards compliance.

Our specialist first response group provide systems and support for the UK Emergency Medicine Team.

We have a world-class development team that takes full responsibility for our products.

We are trusted by our partners to hold millions of sensitive records.

GDPR Ready – April 2018 Data Protection

We take data security and quality seriously.

We are accredited to ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, CMDCAS, and NHS Digital IG Toolkit Level 3 100%.

We host our own Cloud services both on the Internet and inside the NHS.

Our data collection systems that hold personal identifiable data (PID) are encrypted end-to-end AES-256, and have been approved by NHS Digital.

Our staff are all governance trained and certified.


Our range of mobile products are designed to meet the high standards and quality required for medical systems but can easily be configured for almost any mobile application.

We offer Private Cloud, locally installed and field systems to cover all situations.

Our customers get excellent support from people who really understand the products.

Specialist First Response Team

L2S2 First Response Team are members of the UK-EMT, the UK’s Emergency Medical Team that is deployed to international disasters like earthquakes, flood and infectious disease.

The SATIS product range based on L2S2’s Xenplate platform was designed for UK-EMT. It provides patient EPR, patient registration and tracking, command and control systems, communications, reporting and other camp infrastructure.

L2S2 support the systems in the field and provide local wireless networks to allow the hospital to function independently.

Fully synchronised mobile platform that works anywhere regardless of connectivity.

Survey – audit – compliance – workforce

Training and Reporting

Cambridge hands-on and field training is offered to individuals and groups.

We work with you to make your application a first-time success.

Our expert consultants in medicine, science, engineering and process can help you get the most from your application and our expert BI team will work with you to get the most from your data.